The Fiber Crawl is a testimony to this fact, and is assuring to make history every day, by expositing the richness of local Fiber Artists. During the Mother’s Day weekend the work made by local Fiber Artists is on display and most importantly is approachable and tangible. As you enter studio, gallery and farm, you will be able to touch the work, talk to the artists and learn from their day-to-day experience.

When traveling the crawl, you will meet amazing Fiber Artists. They will tell you about their resourcefulness, leading you into their world filled with colors, textures and incessant imagination. Their drive to create is to make our live beautiful, since their work showcases beauty, makes dream turn into tangible soft objects of décor and adornment. 

The first New Mexico Fiber Crawl planned for May 2017 was designed with the following objectives:

  1. Create an economic impact in terms of sales through increased visits by customers during the weekend of the Firer Crawl.
  2. Enable visitors to visit many sites throughout the weekend using incentives and transportation.
  3. Raise awareness of the size and diversity of the Fiber Arts community in New Mexico.