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The Hubble Rug Exhibition

May 17 - May 19, 2019
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Historic Plaza Hotel

Commissioned in 1932, Lorenzo Hubbell, of the Hubbel Trading Posts in Ganado, AZ, asked the local Joe family to weave the world's largest rug. The Joe family labored from shearing to spinning, to weaving a 26'x36' rug. Completed in 1937, presently owned by The Winslow Art Trust, the rug is on rare view for the 2019 New Mexico Fiber Crawl!

Julia Joe wove the impressive rug in one piece over three years (mid 1930s) The loom was so large a barn was built specially to house it.  The rug weighs 250 pounds and measures 26’x36’. It will be on display each day of the NM Fiber Crawl in Las Vegas at the Historic Plaza Hotel.

The Joe family enjoying a private reunion courtesy of the current owner The Winslow Art Trust.  It is through the Trust’s generosity and that of the Historic Plaza Hotel owner Allan Affeldt that the Hubbell rug is being displayed at the Plaza Hotel during the New Mexico Fiber Arts Crawl 2019.

Emma Joe (center) carded wool, as a child, for two years to help her family with the making of this historic rug, the world’s largest single loom Navajo weaving.  Approximately 80 sheep were shorn for the wool and it took almost two years to process all the wool needed.