For Sites

Participation in the New Mexico Fiber Crawl is open to yarn stores, artists’ studios, fiber centers, farms and museums. Please review the information below to see if you can fulfil all of the requirements. 

Who can be on the Fiber Crawl?

  1. Sites on the Fiber Crawl can be a yarn store, artist studio, fiber center, farm or museum.
  2. Sites must be located in New Mexico between Taos and Albuquerque.
  3. Individual artists interested in participating at a site should contact their local site possibilities to see if collaborating would be a good fit.

What does each site have to do?

  1. Adhere to all listed points, payments and deadlines in the application process
  2. Sites should have the space to accommodate up to 15 people at one time.
  3. Locality (rooms, workshops, studios, etc.) on the site should be handicap accessible, this Includes the correct number of handicap parking spots and
    handicap bathrooms as required by city and state regulations.
  4. Sites are responsible for insuring their sites and have full liability. EVFAC
    waives all liability and will not be held accountable for any incident that
    happens during the Fiber Crawl.
  5. Organize an event such as an artist demonstration, book signing or other small project that will be hosted every day of the crawl.
  6. Prepare a site raffle prize in the value of $50.00, which will be displayed prominently at the site during the Fiber Crawl. Sites will provide raffle tickets, organize the drawing, provide EVFAC with the winner's names and contact the winners after the Fiber Crawl.
  7. Solicit deals and discounts in writing from local suppliers and businesses, for example: 10% off a meal, free appetizers, free samples etc. these deals and discounts will be offered to the participants of the Fiber Crawl. The businesses do not have to provide coupons, but could accept the Fiber Crawl passport as eligibility of the negotiated deal.
  8. Advertise the Fiber Crawl on their website, through mailing lists and promote the event on any form of social media.
  9. Sites will be responsible for distributing their allotted passports. Sites can print out any additional passports if needed, or can direct participants to do so before starting the Fiber Crawl. 
  10. Sites will record statistical information on participation and sales during the crawl. After the crawl sites will submit this statistical information in a timely manner to EVFAC. The form is available to download here.
  11. EVFAC has organized three New Mexico Fiber Crawl Grand Raffle Prizes. You can download a pdf version to put out for visitors to see here. Participants of the Fiber Crawl will collect stickers at each site they visit. Once they have collected 5, 10, 15 or more stickers they are then eligible to enter the raffles by completing the Entry Form at any site on the Fiber Crawl. Please verify each entry by checking their passport, and initial within the same line. At the end of the Fiber Crawl, please send this form by mail or email ( to EVFAC as soon as possible and no later than Monday, May 15, 2017.

What are EVFAC's responsibilities? As the main organizer of the New Mexico Fiber Crawl, EVFAC will:

  1. Design the Fiber Crawl's logo and website.
  2. Design and develop promotional postcards and posters. Each site will obtain a package of materials that can be distributed at the site prior to the event
  3. Place ads in regional publications, include information about the Fiber Crawl in EVFAC's electronic newsletter and reach Facebook target audience though frequent posts.
  4. Provide each site with 20 passports, stickers and an electronic Fiber Crawl logo.