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Would you like to be a location on the 2019 New Mexico Fiber Crawl? Below you will find the guidelines and terminology to see if this event could be a good fit for your location.

Who is eligible to be on the 2019 New Mexico Fiber Crawl?

  1. Fiber Artists' Studios: locations where the artists work and produce their products. Studios are the locations of the artists' businesses, and must be accessible to a group of people (minimum of 5-10). Studios should be located on the ground level, with very few obstacles for anyone, including individuals with disabilities. 75% of all work offered in each studio should be fiber arts.
  2. Stores: any commercial entities that sell supplies fiber artists use. Yarn and fabric stores sell products that may not be made locally or in the US. However, these raw-materials are necessary for fiber artists’ work, and should be included in the New Mexico Fiber Crawl. Stores are an important link in the fiber arts value chain and contribute substantially in generating interest and sales.
  3. Farms: any farms that produce fiber for the use of fiber artists. The farm can grow wool, alpaca, and yucca fiber, or can harvest reeds, pine needles, dye-plants, and mushrooms. The farm is an important link in the fiber arts value chain and contributes substantially in generating interest and sales.
  4. Galleries: for-profit and non-profit entities that focus on showing and selling fiber art work. During the 2019 New Mexico Fiber Crawl, 75% of the work displayed in a gallery should be fiber art. The Española Valley Fiber Arts Center will make the decision which galleries can be accepted based on the information provided in their application.
  5. Museums: cultural, art, and education centers that have fiber art collections, support education in various fiber art techniques, and have the capacity to develop an exciting event for the 2019 New Mexico Fiber Crawl weekend
  6. Libraries: libraries where fiber art work can be displayed during the crawl for public viewing.

How can I apply?

  1. Review the requirements, and submit a completed online application via the Site Application page by April 15, 2019.
  2. Remit the non-refundable application fee of $15 online by April 15, 2019.
  3. Remit the remaining participation fee to EVFAC by April 30, 2019. (Sites: $75, Site+: $175) 

What are the Site recommendations to make the Fiber Crawl a successful event?

  1. At the discretion of the fiber artist, a site may prepare a site raffle prize in the value of $50 or more, which should be displayed prominently at the site during the New Mexico Fiber Crawl. Sites will organize the raffle of their prize, and offer raffle tickets to anyone who walks in the door, organize the drawing, inform the winner and send the prize to any out-of-state winners. Note: no purchase is necessary to obtain a raffle ticket and win a prize.
  2. Sites may arrange bargains and discounts from local suppliers and businesses. For example, 10% off a meal, free appetizers, free samples, etc., may be offered to the participants of the New Mexico Fiber Crawl. 
  3. Sites are encouraged to promote the 2019 New Mexico Fiber Crawl on their website, through their mailing lists, in local publications, and through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)
  4. Sites are urged to distribute their allotted postcards, posters, maps, and passports. Sites can assist visitors in printing out any additional passports, if needed, or can direct participants to the event website before starting the Fiber Crawl.
  5. Sites and Site+s are to inform participants about the Grand Raffle Prizes that are linked to the frequency of visits. Participants can enter through social media, or by sending in the raffle page of the passport to EVFAC. The drawing will occur at EVFAC after the event.
  6. Individual Artist opportunities are be posted on the Calls for Artists page. Artists are encouraged to contact sites to see how they can participate in showing, selling their work, or demonstrating their skills. It is within the discretion of each site to decide which fiber artists are to be accepted at their site. 

The New Mexico Fiber Crawl terminology:

  1. Site: A site is a stop on the New Mexico Fiber Crawl.
  2. Site+: A highlighted stop on the New Mexico Fiber Crawl. The benefits of being a Site+ are highlighted placement on the New Mexico Fiber Crawl website, some joint advertising opportunities, increased visibility, and a higher number of visitors.
  3. Fiber Arts: refers to any art object whose material consists of fiber and other components made out of fiber.
  4. Fiber Artists: Any fiber artist in New Mexico can apply to be part of the New Mexico Fiber Crawl. Some artists may not have studios and cannot fulfill the site requirements. In that case the artist should contact sites to see how they can participate in showing, selling their work or demonstrating their skill. It is entirely within the discretion of each site which fiber artists should be accepted in the Fiber Crawl. Opportunities will also be posted on the Calls for Artists page.
  5. Local: The emphasis of New Mexico Fiber Crawl is to support all locations that contribute to the fiber arts in New Mexico. Española Valley Fiber Arts Center trusts the participants to be honest about the originality of their work. Española Valley Fiber Arts Center will not discriminate based on origin of materials, and will encourage that each location is transparent and has the willingness to educate the visitor. When it comes to local products, Española Valley Fiber Arts Center does not limit local to just New Mexico, since New Mexican fiber artists can make yarn from fiber sourced in neighboring Colorado, or in New Hampshire. The same artists can also make a sweater from a commercial yarn using a published pattern. Any product that was made or had value added by the artist in New Mexico will qualify as a local product.

Who cannot participate?

New Mexico Fiber Crawl wants to be as inclusive as possible and will attempt to find ways to allow sites or artists to participate. However, the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center has defined a list of sites or individuals who do not qualify, such as:

  1. Sites that do not meet all the requirements.
  2. Those who do not have a physical location in New Mexico and within the Fiber Crawl geographical area designated by the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center.
  3. Locations and individuals that do not produce or represent Fiber Arts in general. At the time of the New Mexico Fiber Crawl 75% of all items have to be fiber art.


Event Entry Form:

To enter your event information, download and fill out the Event entry form. Please email  completed form to with the subject line “Event Entry”. Download the version you want below.

  1. 2019 Event Entry Form: .pdf Format
  2. 2019 Event Entry Form: Word Format