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Centinela Traditional Arts

The weaving gallery is run by Irvin and Lisa Trujillo, who are award-winning weavers whose work has been shown in, and collected by, museums across the United States, including the Smithsonian. The tapestry gallery and this website also represent several other talented weavers. We make blanket weight weavings for the wall, and for your furniture, as well as hand woven rugs, vests, coats and bags.

Rancho de Los Sueños Alpacas and Agricultural Products

Rancho de Los Sueños is a family owned and operated huacaya alpaca ranch. We raise alpacas and shear their fleece on site. The luxurious alpaca fiber goes through a process of sorting and grading for fineness, scouring, and carding, before being spun into yarn or wet-felted into hats and scarves. Owner/artist, Barbara Roybal, received a degree is Fiber Arts from Northern New Mexico College in 2014, and enjoys crocheting, dyeing, knitting, felting, spinning and weaving.