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Santa Fe

Flying High Studio

I inhabit a true live/work environment....a detached weaving studio, a garage woodworking shop, and a dedicated sewing room where I ultimately construct my figures, birds and botanicals. From my woven yardage, birds fly and figures contemplate a life, all profusely embellished and finely crafted. Welcome to my world.

Elyse Allen Textiles

Elyse Allen Textiles makes fine knit accessories - hats, scarves, ponchos and fingerless gloves. We find the best materials we can, because they're worth it and they last, and make the work by hand where we live because it's better for the work and better for the neighborhood. We love to mix yarns, play with colors and patterns, and to make them all explode a little bit with some sparkle and gleam.

Atelier Danielle

I create timeless designs based on clients' wishes, and my aesthetics. I have the great luxury to have gathered a trove of textiles and sundries; contemporary and vintage, from many cultures to draw from. I am influenced by haberdashery, couture, and ethnographic garment form and techniques. Color, print and texture mix throughout my silhouettes. Garments are often times reversible and versatile, making them perfect for travel anywhere in the world.