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Taos Thread

Mooncat Fiber

Retail sales of local, hand dyed and hand spun yarns. We have woven garments from Heartwoven Designs, hand spun yarns from Pam Wilkens, Kimberly Darling, Cathy Book, Michaela Hertrich and Widdershin Woolworks. Locally dyed yarns feature Wooly Wonka, Theodora's Pearls, Zia Woolz, Knit Stitch.


Casual to elegant clothing, mostly in natural fibers. One-of-a-kind hand woven and wearable art by well established local and regional fiber artists, including Barbara Ehrlich, Elizabeth Jenkins, Nancy Paap, Kate Nilssen, Renata Zimmermann, Perla Kopeloff, Linda St. Angelo, Maggy Pavlou, Rebecca Gilberto, Lore Wills, Ann Vickrey Evans, Teri D. Inman, Laura Quilligan, Natasha Nargis, Sherry Gross, Colleen Launer Yarbrough, Sandra Doak, Cathy Swindle and others.


Vortexyarns has extraordinary yarn and fiber, and features local artists Kimberly Perkins, Merce Mitchell, Valentina Devine, and Yampa Valley Fiberworks. We also showcase roving, spinning batts, handspun yarns, and fiber art exhibitions.